As a solo electronic/classical musician and founder of the art rock band Nosound, I’ve been lucky enough to make a career selling records worldwide; but even though I love making music, sometimes I feel the need to escape into a completely different creative territory, to recharge and expand my views. Although I’ve always created all the artwork and videos for Nosound’s albums myself, not many people know that my passion for the visual arts extends to some more niche fields as well – like astrophotography.

Astronomy and astrophotography are interests of mine that began while I was still living in Italy: now that I live in the UK, the rural location of my home and recording studio has given me a unique opportunity to expand my astrophotography collection and dedicate more of my time to it.

This website collects the results of countless hours taking hundreds – sometimes thousands – of pictures of the night sky, painstakingly and passionately working on them to arrive at a final result that can, I hope, do justice to the beauty of the original objects.

New pictures will be posted here as soon as I finish them, as well as on my Facebook page. In the meantime, please feel free to follow me and my music projects on any of the links below.

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Due to popular demand, all of the images on this gallery (and more) are available to buy as high quality art prints, framed or on canvas, and as other kind of merchandise (mugs, postcards etc). Everything is made to order and manufactured to very high standard in Europe, available to purchase from my official shop

These prints will be made with the best materials and the utmost care. None of the images have been resized or stretched, so the size of the print is totally dependent on the resolution of the original image. I have made every effort to preserve the high quality of the originals and to guarantee an equally impressive printed result.

If you have any problems or enquiries, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]

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